24 April 2020

How Can You Be Trespassing On Property You Own?

Woman arrested for trespassing in closed park.

Cold Fury has more on this.

In case you were curious if your local Officer Friendly would enforce unconstitutional laws...

Well, there's your answer.

As Hognose often warned, "The police always enforce the edicts of tyranny."

He never mentioned any exceptions, despite listing countless times where the police seamlessly changed allegiance to the new order and cracked down on the populations they'd previously served.

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  1. Why would anyone be surprised that the police have devolved into a class of people who think they are better than everyone else.

    Ever been pulled over by a cop for not using turn signals? And then followed him/her/it not using turn signals?

    Same with seatbelts. Weaving in and out of traffic. Distracted driving. The list goes on.

    I knew a sergeant at a pd who got caught with his laptop full of gay porn. His city laptop. Got caught by a computer forensic teacher who just managed to find the computer so full of porn that it almost died. Did sergeant get fired? Nope. He got transferred to a better job.

    Yeah. There are lots of good individual law enforcement officers out there. But as a group?

    They are the people who, against all common sense and training, didn't run into a school or a nightclub where an active shooter was executing people. (Though, at the school, finally, outside cops who were good cops managed to finally get in there.)

    These are the same cops who don't know the laws and harass people legally openly carrying. And then justify it as 'we can't know every law...' Isn't that their job? Don't they have computers that tell them all of that? Of course they do, I've seen the cops using them while driving...

    Just look at the way the Charlottesville PD acted during 2017, purposely denying people with a proper permit the ability to freely assemble, while running them through a gauntlet of leftists thugs who did not have a permit to counter-assemble.

    It takes just a few 'We just want to get home safely' jerks to screw it up for all the actual police. Then again, if the actual police were so great, they'd be working hard to get rid of 'Officer Friendly's safety is more important than you proles' safety.' But they lock arms with the dirtbags.

    There ARE lots of cops out there that are relatively good. Some are spectacular. But by not arresting or charging fellow cops for all their sins, from not following traffic laws to outright murder, theft and conspiracy, then the sins of the evil ones taints the supposed good ones.

    Saddens me. It's not the way it is supposed to be, but it is. And it saddens me.

    Mr. Cop, along with far too many Citizen Soldier, will follow illegal orders because it's easier to follow than to think for themselves.

    The FBI is corrupt and broken, witness the whole 'Get Trump' thingy, which was/is illegal, immoral and just stupid.

    The DEA? Yeah...



    The friggin Library of Congress Cops?

    BLM Agents? As much as I'd like to see that rancher Bundy idiot staked out on a cactus, his actions were so less illegal than the BLMs that, sorry, gotta side with Bundy. As much as I hate to.

    Broward County under Israel.


    Seattle PD.

    Don't get me started on all the illegalities done by the LAPD.

    Over and over and over again. Those who are supposed to uphold the law and serve as a bulkwark against the forces of evil ARE the forces of evil.


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