22 April 2020

Custer Died In Bed

Actually, General Custer is a spry 59 when my stories get rolling.

In the Sabers and... universe The Battle of Little Big Horn / Greasy Grass never took place because of the creation of the Indian Gates.

It also means that near a decade of Indian Wars didn't happen either, except for the Commanche.

It's got me wondering.

In our 1899 there were just enough Krags to go around and replace the Trapdoors.

With just the Commanche to sit on, funding for the Army would likely be even lower than it was historically.

Rifles would get some priority, but handguns?

The constabulary cavalry of the west would probably still be issued M1873 Single Action Army and M1875 Schofield revolvers with just a scattering of the M1892 .38's.

Definitely have potato diggers though!

I'm still researching what the unit composition should be and what kind of artillery accompanies a full cavalry regiment in 1899.

Sadly, for Willard, I might have to use a different number for the regiment than his preferred 77th.

There were only 15 cavalry regiments back then.

This also skewers my idea of using the 34th or 81st as my unit (because I'd served in both).

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