25 April 2020

Minority Opinion

In my almost 8-year long quest to make my .38 Super Government Model the gun I wanted instead of the gun Colt made...

I wonder why I had to.

The parts were readily available (except for the mainspring housing) and simple to install.

I'm not sure I want to do another historical research project to figure out why the changes made to the M1911 that make it an M1911A1 were abandoned by most every 1911 maker but the cheapest.

After those changes were made in 1926, Colt stopped offering the old version on their commercial models too.

I suspect, but do not know, that some contrary cuss of a gun writer extolled the virtues of the flat mainspring housing with checkering you can grate a potato with and a trigger that's even longer than the original.

Extolled them well enough to cause customer demand to shift and forcing the rest of us to fix our guns.

Based on the gun he carried, it wasn't Jeff Cooper.  But that doesn't narrow down the field much.

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