17 April 2020

I Hate Computers

I do, sometimes, yearn for a simpler time before computers became commonplace.

I just spent the past two hours running CHKDSK after getting a BSOD.

Not the restful time I'd planned for myself.

Errors were found and repaired.

Fingers crossed that it's fixed.


  1. Hate to beat the drum, but: backup, backup, backup.

    I just had a disk die in my primary desktop.

    Total time to be back EXACTLY where I was before the failure was just over an hour, and that includes the time to go to my favourite store and buy a replacement disk.

    OK, OK, I cheated - I don't take regular backups.

    Instead I image the disk once a day to an identical, external disk.
    The hour was taken up by opening the case, swapping the image disk in place of the dead drive, closing the case, and then buying a new disk to use as the target for the image backup. It sits in an external e-SATA cradle, so no installation required.

    I debate whether to just power-up the external drive during the backup, but since it is SSD, I get the feeling that in-rush currents do more damage than just letting it run. There are no bearings or motors to go bad, after all, and it sits behind a UPS that should protect it from lumpy electricity.

  2. There's no data on the laptop that isn't backed up with a RAID or Drobo.

    Learned the hard way.


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