21 April 2020

The Data Is Improving

Two rounds of testing trying to find out how many people have been infected are showing much larger populations have antibodies than originally thought.

We're getting closer to being able to have a reasonable guess at the infection fatality rate and it appears that it's going to be lower than ROSF.

That would mean that there's something special about NYFC that makes it especially worse there.

1 comment:

  1. I would put forward that the reason NYC's fatality rate and infection rate are so much higher than the rest of these Free United States is that it has a fatal similarity to Italy and Communist China, while also having a fatal similarity to Iran.

    The first is a high state of socialism, higher than anywhere else in the USA, that revels in all the socialistic claptrap that all the other socialistic states revel in. Highly overpopulated buildings, mass transit, a level of cleanliness that is lower than reasonable, and a personal distance measured in inches, not feet.

    High-capacity buildings, where central air is circulated amongst all apartments, with central water and central sewer, also shared by all apartments, with tight entrances, elevators, garbage chutes, concentrate any viral or microbial pests, and their usual vectors of insects, rodents and birds (watched a "Dirty Jobs" episode where Mike Rowe helped clean out an elevator shaft, that had garbage, bodily waste, and... birds, mostly sparrows and pigeons... and rats and mice and all their filth and dead bodies...) and each individual building is a giant petrie dish.

    And a lust for mass transit and crowded walkways and commuter trains that shove all together into personal distances approaching or exceeding those found on Indian (sub-continent) trains... In tunnels and cars and stations full of bodily wastes, garbage, and pestilence vectors like... insects, birds and rodents and their associated filth and dead bodies.

    Which means, people are walking around in a stew of grease and filth and garbage and bodily wastes even if they think they are clean.

    As to similarities to Iran, well, both a ruling class that doesn't give a fig for the peons, and living a lifestyle so far above the average working person or poor that it seems more like "The Hunger Games" than real life, and a large segment of turd-world residents, including the quaint practices of body-packing a whole extended family into a 'normal' 2-3 person apartment, and all the associated filth, garbage, bodily wastes, eating habits, etc, etc, etc that harbor and attract biological pestilences and their vectors...

    Sure, there are some, lots of filthy places that are just vermin and pest ridden out there in Free America, but usually the filthy places are concentrated either in the big cities (which is why infections and deaths are higher in big cities than more rural, but still not to the extent as found in NYC) or in smaller clusters or individual instances so the mass effect of these smaller clusters or individual hot spots is far lesser than in, you guessed it, New York Filthy City.


    Socialism by itself is a death cult. Add in high density and a turd-world outlook on filth and vermin and, et voila, you get... New York Filthy City.

    Would it surprise you that there are clubs of Terrier Dogs in New York Filthy City that go around and let their dogs kill the vermin; mice, rats, some birds?

    Socialism. In all it's glory. At a higher level of socialism than found in Aesop's wunderland of California.

    And, as usual, socialism kills. One way or another, socialism is straight out deadly to humans.


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