24 April 2020

Man To Man

Thirty-five years ago, more or less, FuzzyGeff tried to talk me into playing a new game he'd bought.

Steve Jackson Games' Man to Man.

It's the combat system for GURPS 1e.

I was decidedly not interested, despite his mention that it was a precursor to a new role playing game.

When GURPS came out I was also, decidedly, not interested.

It took him a good long time to convince me to give it a try.

But I did and that's all I play anymore.

Not having to learn a new game when making a new world is liberating.

Try playing post-apocalypse with D&D 5e, for example.

I've used GURPS to convert Twilight: 2000 and Traveller.  Successfully.  Top Secret wasn't even a challenge, no actual conversion was needed.

Prior to 4e, the only specialized game which failed GURPSification was Champions.  That's kind of ironic, considering that the point based Champions was one of the inspirations for GURPS.

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