25 April 2020

Core Tenet

If you're going to call yourself a scientist, something you're going to have to do is change your hypothesis when the data changes.

I've seen a lot of doubling and trebling down on conclusions from more than one place when the data is saying that conclusion is no longer tenable.

The saddest part is it's coming form the same people who would never let gun control lies stand in the face of refuting data.

Watching them become what they beheld and despised has been painful to watch.


  1. I know what you mean. People who're perfectly rational about most things suddenly become violently irrational when some cherished belief is threatened.

  2. Makes me want to shoot the tv or burn the magazine or smash the laptop when some science-dude doesn't understand the concept of the Scientific Method.

    You know, that thing we learned in the 6th or 7th Grade? Hypothesis, test, Theory, test, retest etc.

    When so many actual 'science' papers, from astrophysics to medical, cannot be proven due to inability to repeat test results, it's no wonder the average Dr. Payola gets it all wrong (because the people who are paying him want X results or no more money...)

    Look to the reason the Science Schmucks are sticking to their failing statements, conclusions and ideals. It's either money or politics or, rarely, an overbearing sense of pride.


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