17 April 2020

When It Rains It Pours

We've had three fans just up and die the past two weeks.  Two within hours of each other.

The Precious torque tube is giving off dire warnings of impending calamity.

The Mother In Law's relatively new Lenovo T410 rolled over and died.

The microwave shit the bed.

And I grappled with my laptop into the wee hours.

Fans have been replaced.

Torque tube is ordered.

I repaired MiL's old Gateway with a new keyboard and pegged the RAM.  She's actually happier with it than the Lenovo despite the Lenovo being a technically better machine.

We also bought her a refurbished T420 just in case she no longer liked the repaired Gateway which had been replaced with the, now dead, T410.

The microwave has also been replaced.

Sometime tomorrow the screws I need to reattach the gutter to the porch will arrive and that Herculean task will finally be done and the back fully restored except for new screens.


  1. The Panasonic microwave that I had really liked and had for about 10 years died a few weeks ago. It was apparently something in the control logic or something. It would let you enter a time and then start to run and immediately turn itself off. For a while I could get it to run by hitting reset several times and then starting it. Eventually it pretty much would only run on defrost or sensor reheat modes. It got replaced by a Toshiba which works, but the controls are not as well designed as the Panasonic.

  2. Our Sharp microwave committed flaming suicide before thanksgiving. We didn’t replace it. Stovetop and air fryer have been working for us since then.


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