02 April 2020


It's dim, but there is a sunspot in this picture.

Very dim, at about 1:30 and 1/5 from the edge.

The 300mm lens actually worked better than the 250mm for a change.


  1. What kind of solar filter do you have? One of the plastic sheet filters or a glass lens that screws into the lens?

  2. It's a Thousand Oaks Optical ø95mm on a stack of adapters to get down to ø58mm on the 250mm and 300mm lenses.

    It's a sheet plastic style.

    I also have a ø58mm that I made from some bulk sheet and sandwiched between two UV filters. It's not as nice optically.

  3. One sunspot. Well (smacking gums and clacking my dentures) I remember, back in the days, when sunspots were as numerous as freckles on a redheaded Irish gal...

    1. I took my first class on astronomy during one of the most active cycles in history. It was really neat to look at all the freckles in the gigantic (and sun filtered) telescope.


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