28 April 2020

On Tyson's Warning

It's easy enough to find all over the internet right now.

Mr Tyson, when you agonized between staying open and sheltering your employees you made a decision about being a hero.

You declined to be a hero and closed the plants.

Food is an essential industry and you control a gigantic portion of that industry.

And you closed the plants.

If a single CEO can make such a decision that has the impact that Mr Tyson claims it does, then the solution to the problem is clear.

Decentralize food production.  Anti-trust gigantic firms like Tyson out of existence.

The money quote from the entire screed: "The government bodies at the national, state, county and city levels must unite in a comprehensive, thoughtful and productive way to allow our team members to work in safety without fear, panic or worry."

That translates to, "we want more regulatory capture."

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't help that Tyson relies on a huge number of illegals in their work force to keep costs down.

    As to a CEI or CEA (Chief Executive Idiot or Arsehole) screaming 'Food Fight!', well, hmm. Wonder what his ulterior motive is? Union busting? Staying one step ahead of ICE? Forcing suppliers to sell their farms and ranches to him and his?

    Yes. I do expect there are layers within layers of his closing all their plants. Kill 5 birds with one shut-down, so to speak.


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