12 April 2020

Sick Enough To...

A few days ago, on the 6th, they added hospitalizations to the list of things they were counting in Florida.

From no data to 1,719 in one swell foop.  2,633 most recently.

So I added a couple columns to my spreadsheet.

10.56% of people who felt sick or scared enough to get screened for testing have been found positive.
13.61% of those found positive were sick enough to be admitted.

Against the state population:

0.85% of the state population has been tested for Wu Ping Cough.  This is still a self-selection item.
0.09% of the state population has been found positive with it.
0.01% of the state population has needed hospitalization from it.
0.002% of the state population has died from it.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for consolidating all this stuff. Interesting how, in the face of hard stats, the media can still claim it's the end of the world.


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