24 April 2020

Speaking Of Old Games

Starting a long tradition of owning a game, making worlds and characters, then never actually playing...

In 1980 I had a copy of Melee and Wizard.  These later became The Fantasy Trip, which I also bought.

Again, never played.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons were what you played if you wanted players for your world.

We never advanced past hack-n-slash with AD&D so world development was very scanty back in middle junior-high school.

By the time anyone had any interest in me being the GM, I was introducing them to Traveller.


  1. I know how you feel,I would love to be able to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (first or second editions; the third is a massive kludge and the fourth is out of my reach price-wise), Deadlands, or any of quite a few GURPS worlds.

    1. FuzzyGeff and his group were playing Deadlands for a while at The Union. There's even an official GURPS 3e conversion!

      Warhammer FRP should be an easy port to GURPS. Just have to change the effects of spells to use the WFRP magic system, then make race and character templates.

  2. And GURPS is an outgrowth of Steve not getting the rights to Melee/Wizard/TFT (The Fantasy Trip) out of Howard Thompson when he (Steve) left Metagaming. He got the rights back last year, and did a big Kickstarter for a reprint of TFT.

    To make this more appropriate to your post, the PDF of the Melee reprint is available for free right now.

    I never picked up Melee/Wizard/TFT back in the day, but I did back the Kickstarter. And I've played a few games of Melee with some different folks since it was fulfilled. It's pretty fun, I like it. It even plays pretty well with Lego minifigs if you print out the maps on 11x17 paper.

    I've read some folks liken it to "GURPS-Lite", but I don't know as I've never really played GURPS, despite having had a bunch of 1st through 3rd edition GURPS stuff. Which I gave away long ago...


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