02 April 2020

Potential Good News

h/t Ace and FuzzyGeff.

Possible vaccine patch for Wu Ping Cough.

I see that it builds off research done for SARS and MERS.

Faster please! 


  1. Read an article about how it took 18 months to sequence MERS, 2 years to sequence SARS, 2 months (once we got good samples) to sequence Wu Ping Cough.

    Which is one of the many reasons that President Trump and the non-CDC-affiliated medical community is rightly completely pissed at Commmunist China. If they had given us access to samples in late December or early January, that would have brought the sequencing time to the end of February, rather than middle to late March.

    Yes, technology is wonderful, if used appropriately and on time.

    (Side note: Your site is the best collector and go-to for info on Wu Ping Cough. Some other bloggers still believe Not-Socrates and his Alex Jonesian proclamations.)

    1. Thanks! I sometimes feel like I'm the only person even trying to find good news.


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