05 April 2020

Not From Your Truck

Tailgating comes from the tailgate of a station wagon, not from the tailgate of a pickup.

That means that a cross-over SUV is more heir to the term than an F-150 or Silverado.

How do we know this?

The term predates when people owning a pick-up was common.

At one time a station wagon was as ubiquitous as a minivan was in the 80's and 90's and crossover SUV's are today.  In those days, if someone owned a pickup, they used it for work and the things were appropriately austere.

The term dates all the way back to 1958!  That's station wagons, not pickups.

Do not cluck at me for having the wrong vehicle when I'm using my Equinox and you're in your RAM.

Though, despite having the proper heir to the station wagon, it doesn't actually have a tailgate.

At least I can park.  It's a rare full-size truck owner who seems to have learned this skill.

Kudos to those who have!  Please join me in mocking those who cannot.


  1. Fondly remember tailgating off the tailgate of my parent's Ford Falcon. Tailgating various old missions in California, some of the state parks, Solvang (real German pumpernickel with German ham and German mustard, mmmm)

    Or do you mean riding someone's tailgate? Yeah, my dad hated that, too. Though back in the late '60's the only real a-hole drivers were, not surprisingly, in the LA basin. Up near Vandenberg or Santa Maria, not so many jerk drivers back then. I've heard, unfortunately, times have changed....

  2. That a big plus about that POS Bronco I have. The short wheelbase and tight turning radius makes it a breeze to park and the flip down tailgate makes a nice little bench.
    That damn spare tire carrier is a PITA though.
    You have to have room to swing it open and then drop the electric back window so you can drop the tailgate.
    Fookin' Ford and their better ideas...

  3. Well heck, Phil, get a POS Ranger. I'll be damned if I ever have to get the spare tire out from under the bed though. I've spent more money on this damned truck that any vehic I've ever owned. Clutch problems. My mechanic thinks it's his truck, and I'm just borrowing it. Lately, I've been driving my RAM 3500. Loaded to gills with my "bug out" gear, just to go to work. It's the "Twilight Zone" out there these days. Stay vigilant.

    1. Was it secretly made by a British car firm, or perhaps Mercedes?

      Had a van, American company, engine made in Spain, tranny hecho en Mexico, assembled in Canuckistan. I swear the electric wiring was made by a company from England with a name starting with the letter "L". Once it was basically rebuild by the local dealership, it ran fine for 300k, when they put in a new tranny, a new engine, new wiring, all made in the States (well, the wiring was probably hand assembled by government slaves in Communist China...)


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