07 April 2020

Nobody Recovers

"The state is not reporting a total number of "recovered' coronavirus [Wu Ping Cough] patients. As of Monday, 1,719 were currently hospitalized for treatment."

This is included in the same report that listed 13,629 out of 126,048 people tested had been found to have Wu Ping Cough.

Out of 126,048 people who felt they were sick enough to seek medical attention, 13,629 were found to have the Chinese Death Fever and of those 13,629 a mere 1,719 required hospitalization?

Or is it still require hospitalization?  How many hospitalized have been treated and released?

We have 254 corpses from this.

With these numbers we have a minuscule portion of the population who have tested positive, and only those who feel sick enough and scared enough to go to a doctor or a testing location have been tested.

So, of the positives 14.5% are the dead and hospitalized.  1.9% are dead.

0.06% of the population of Florida has tested positive.
0.001% of the population of Florida has died from it.
Only 0.59% of the population of Florida has felt sick or scared enough to be tested.

Can we reopen some businesses now?


  1. This is why Political Science isn't. Science, that is.

    Math makes no sense in a system controlled by subjective values. Math makes sense in an objective system.

    The only math really allowed in politics is a cheapened version of Statistics. As has been said by many people, Samuel Clemons included, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

    By not breaking down the stats into various sub-stats, and only giving us Big Broad Numbers, they are using these numbers to lie to us.

    And... I want to know. I want to know how many previously sick people are now tested as positive for Corona-Chan. How many Asymptomatic vs Symptomatic cases? How many hospitalized, broken down further by how many in the ICU and then how many on ventilators. How many 'dead' due directly to Wu Ping Cough and how many dead that show the antibodies?

    And track it from day 1 to now. Give us real information. I mean, if they can tell us what the temperature and weather was like 500 years ago by shaking bones over tree-rings, they should be able to give us these simple stats on the Wuhan Whoo-hoos, right?

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp73CJyCp5Q

    I sometimes feel like I'm in another theatric work featuring music by Blue Oyster Cult... namely "The Stand".

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  4. Here in Kommiecticut, they got caught fudging the numbers to make it sound worse than it really is. A 6 week old infant died, and had tested positive for CORVID-19. When the governor made a statement about that death as the first one that young in the entire world, it drew extra scrutiny and doubt. The problem was, they were counting a death with a positive test as a coronavirus death, even though that someone died of something else. They now have a statement on the state website about cause of death only being determined by the Medical Examiner's office, not a Department of Public Health statistic based on a test result.

    1. I broke through the mental block with one of Harvey's co-workers by asking, "If I shot someone with the virus, I'm clear of murder then?"

      They'd been spewing on and on about how anyone who died with the virus dies OF the virus.

    2. Sheesh. That is some pretty typical screwed up liberal thinking there.

    3. Lots of people with cancer die in car accidents. Or from heart disease, or other things. Things that may not be related at all.

  5. Jerry here. Can I posit that "cancer" rates are going to fall by 50% during this period because people are not going to the doctor to be told they have cancer?
    Will we ever see a report about how many of the positives on the Roosevelt actually got sick?
    My Dad is in the hospital with pneumonia. He wants to die anyway, because his body is worn out. He's failed to test positive 3 times already. No worn out enough to allow him in hospice. Can't catch a break.
    Good on ya with the 'vette drive.
    I'm off to the river to try some fishing. One place they can't chase me off.
    200 acres and a back hoe.
    Willing to share.


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