29 April 2020

Ten More Chances For Disappointment

Supreme Court has a bunch of cases that they can deny cert to...

Or send back to lower courts to maintain status quo after the supplicants have expended thousands upon thousands of dollars just getting the case that far.

1 comment:

  1. One can only dream.

    There was speculation, back when NYC caved, that it caved in order to preserve the status-quo on gun control up to that time. Severe worries that if the case had made it to full consideration by the Supremes, a positive ruling (one that supported the 2nd Amendment and ruled against New York City) would have opened up the flood-gates for reform of all the state and federal controls.

    Will be interesting to see if the states involved in these other cases suddenly cave and put minimal fixes in place in order to not get a ruling on the 2nd.

    The dissenting comments (against sending the case back down) are very interesting. There's some serious hate of gun control legislation by some of the supremes.

    Now if Ginsberg's battery would just run down. She's even more incoherent than Biden at this point, and yet she (or her clerks through her) are still making decisions? Come on, time to cancel her law driving license, long past time actually.


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