29 April 2020

Thanks Obama?

Mother In Law has a robo-shoulder that was installed at the beginning of the year.

She's been doing the at-home therapy and with the safer at home orders, she has been unable to transition to the out-patient at the clinic physical therapy.

The specialist approved more at home therapy and the therapist to administer it because they don't want her to back slide waiting for the in-house stuff.

Her insurance called today to say it was not approved.


Because the insurance drone called her primary doctor and asked if he'd approved of the extension and he said that he had no knowledge of it.

Neither her primary care doc or the drone noticed the entirely different doctor's name and signature on the request...

It will be straightened out, but it shouldn't be on us to make sure that it is.


  1. He is, like a good stomach bug, the gift that keeps on giving. Political Shingles. Herpes P (for Political).

    At least the stupid Affordable Care Act rule that didn't allow Schedule II drug prescriptions to be electronically transferred has finally been killed.

    So some pushback and fixing is going on.

  2. All I can say is that every time my wife goes to physical therapy after her shoulder surgeries (5), that culminated with a reverse shoulder replacement, is that the PT made aggravated her condition or made it even worse. A couple of her surgeries were actually caused by PT therapists causing anchors to be pulled out by having her stretch beyond what she was ready for. She did a lot better doing it at home.

    So, maybe it's a good thing for your Mother-in-Law...

    1. MiL is a PT nurse, so it's hard to get her to hurt herself...

      One of the issues is she has to show progress or Medicare gives up and stops paying. Ongoing at home therapy keeps them interested and funding the follow-on recovery.


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