16 April 2020

My Data Set

The numbers I'm writing down every evening here are from here.

It's an Official Florida Government Website, so we must believe them!

No, we don't.

But I decided to stick to this source because it's also being used by all four of the local news outlets and is being repeated here.

There's, at least, two other Official Florida Government Websites with their own data sets.

The order that information comes in can change what the daily totals are.

The time that they enter their information each day can change the daily totals.

Is one more trustworthy than the others?

I have no idea.

I'm not married to them.  Can you prove they're incorrect?

But one thing this data set is missing, which was included in one of the others was analysis.

Analysis which cannot be recreated from the data presented because none of the, multiple, Official Florida Government Websites are giving us any damned history.

I only have a history because I started writing down the numbers presented every day.

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