11 April 2020

It Really Is Slowing Down

Our good, Chinese, friend Wu Ping Cough is definitely slowing in rate.

Its last doubling of infections, in Florida, took 8-1/2 days.

Even the overnight deaths looked to be slowing a bit.

It's worse than the flu in many regards, but it was probably not worth the damage that's being done to the economy to reduce the rate.

It's also not the apocalyptic plague that so many people predicted and cheered for.

One good thing is the week 14 Influenza Like Infection chart is taking a nosedive.

For perspective,  the CDC is reporting over 39 million normal flu infections and around 24,000 deaths.

Wu Ping cough is at 1,760,853 cases worldwide as of this writing and has 107,644 deaths.

Wu Ping cough is at 523,541 confirmed cases in the US as of this writing and has 20,198 deaths.

Way worse per case, but not completely unheard of for other forms of flu to do (flu just needs a lot more cases to do it and gets them because it's actually a lot more infectious.)

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