20 April 2020

Didn't Make It To The End Of The Movie Did You Patton?

First off, you ignorant dancing monkey, Ms Frank was found by the National Socialists and died in a concentration camp.

Secondly, she was hiding in that attic, with her entire family, in the vain hope of avoiding that death in a concentration camp.

Third, the people she was hiding from, The National Socialist, were part of a foreign government who'd invaded her country.

So, Dumbass, what parallel are you trying to draw here?

Because on the face of it, it looks like you're saying that we've no reason to be afraid and shouldn't be hiding.  Our nation has not been conquered by a hostile foreign power, and they're not actively hunting us down and sending us to death camps.

Since there's no reason to be hiding from National Socialists in our attics, then there's no good goddamned reason for Fuddruckers to be closed.

Is that what your ignorant dancing monkey ass meant to say?

Or is the reason that people are protesting is because they, unlike an ignorant dancing monkey, can see the shape of the curve, the balance of their bank account and judge the risk of reopening businesses to be worth it.

It was the government who shut down their livelihood, so it is to the government one should address for redress.

If only there was something in the Bill of Rights about this... Oh wait.

1 comment:

  1. Funny how these rich @$$#013 celebrities find it so easy to ridicule and make fun of people who are protesting because they are out of work and heavens... might have bills to pay? Awful easy to be in favor of keeping everything shut down when you've got plenty of money. Then it is only a slight inconvenience. Not so nice if you are worried about starving and becoming homeless because you have no money.


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