18 June 2021


Five and a half years ago I ordered a PAC 5X ACSS prism optic from Primary Arms for $212.

The equivalent SLx 5x36mm ACSS scope is now $330.

That's a price increase of 55.7% or an annual inflation rate of 8.38%

Weren't we just hearing about how inflation wasn't that bad until just the other day?


  1. An annualized rate of 8.38% since 2016 looks like a good eyeball estimate of what Shadowstats shows, using the way inflation was measured in 1980 (before they really started cheating hard). Bottom chart here.

    It also could be that the price increase you're seeing happened in a bigger jump more recently. He has the inflation rate for May of this year looking like 13% by my estimate. Maybe the price went up a little until they couldn't hold off the jump any more and then it jumped a lot this year.

    1. In this, specific, case I think it's been inching up with every new batch of production because I've been wanting a second PAC5X style scope for a while I keep checking on the prices.


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