19 June 2021

More Flavor-Aid Please!

The BEBoG carbine was made on a whim.


It's rapidly become my favorite.

I've long held that if you are constrained to a 16" barrel, then midlength is the gas system you should use.

This is my first 5.56 middy, but both my 6.8's and FuzzyGeff's are middies too.

Hmmm.  Come to think on it, the only 16" in the house that isn't mid-length is The Lovely Harvey's and she's happy with it as is.

The real surprise is how comfortable my combination is.  It's just a little nose heavy, but that's a good thing in a rifle.  It's not the lightest AR possible, but it's plenty light.

I think this is a winning configuration.  Simple, affordable, light, and comfortable.

I endorse this event and/or product.

I did not expect to be so enthusiastic about the monolithic lower.

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