24 June 2021

Final Configuration


Unless someone gets REALLY generous and donates an ACOG or the money to purchase one, this is where Valentine will sit.

She's quite the porky girl.

The base rifle is 9.2 lb. with a loaded PMAG M3, 1x 11-rib panel, 2x 5-rib panels, VFG and the tape switch.

The light is 0.5 lb.  The scope is 1.1 lb.  The sling is 0.3 lb.

Grand total of 11.1 lb.


FuzzyGeff's heavy barreled AR is the only one of similar mass.

Base rifle is 9.3 lb. loaded with a PMAG MOE.

Scope is 1.3 lb.  Bipod is 0.7 lb.  Sling is 0.3 lb.

Grand total is 11.6 lb. and we had regarded Olga as being unreasonably heavy.  At least it's a full featured rifle, unlike my A4 clone.

The Marines toted something like Valentine as an everyday rifle?

Every little good-to-have item you clamp onto a rifle adds mass.  Someone thinks it's worth it, they got downright snippy when the idea of issuing M4A1 carbines came up.

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