24 June 2021

I'm Confused

Do I need nukes and F-15's to take over the government; or just a buffalo hat and some tattoos?

Because if it's the latter, I don't think it matters that the government has nukes and F-15's of their own.

In fact, if it's the latter, it's prolly going to fall over on its own in a light breeze.


  1. You are only confused because you don't know how to *translate* what the chief oly gark mumbled. Use the not formula from logic- whatever the olly garks say, add NOT, and you will be close to the truth.

    President Slo NOT.

  2. That's always been the statist government apologist's problem with arguments... On one side they say that nobody has a chance to face the unstoppable might of the government. On the other side the cry that it is far too dangerous to allow civilians to have any kind of arms because the government is as you say above, so fragile that the slightest breeze will topple it. Obviously both of those extremes, as extremes usually are... bull puckey. The truth, as is usually is, is somewhere in between.

    The confusion is intentional on their part. The Democrats are pretty much all liars or at best useful idiots. Have been for years.


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