01 June 2021

The Internet Is Not Forever

Crawling through a 135 page, 14 year old, thread on Arfcom about M16A4 clones.

Not many of the pictures survived from back then.

Photobucket seems to have done best from back then, but they added a gigantic watermark to every hotlinked pic that often defeats the entire point of a picture in a technical thread.

I'm at the 10 years old point in the thread and more pics are still there.

This all just underscores the fact that "on the cloud" really means "on someone else's computer."  And if they stop hosting your pic, your pic disappears from where you'd linked it.

It is a little depressing to think that this blog, where I've spent so much time, will someday just disappear when Google decides to shut it down and the pictures will be gone if I stop paying Flickr.


  1. Unless you do something to archive the whole shebang, yes, it can and will disappear if the Powers-that-be or some hacker decides to take you down.

    But I have no idea as to how to archive the whole shebang. My knowledge of computers doesn't go much past basic theory and how to turn it on and what not to do to keep it running.

  2. This sounds like a job for wget.

    wget -r https://mcthag.blogspot.com --domains=mcthag.blogspot.com

    gets all the posts and comments. I'm not sure what to do about the pictures; the obvious change didn't work.


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