24 June 2021

Hidey Hole

Upgraded the Behind Every Blade of Grass carbine with a KE Arms trapdoor buttplate.

To remove the genuine plastic (don't settle for imitation) solid buttplate you will need one each of 5/32" and 1/8" Allen wrenches.

Check the inside of your stock for flash from the receiver half joining operation.

Installation of the new buttplate is the reverse of removal!

It feels exactly the same on the shoulder, But I like having a storage compartment.


  1. Nice.

    Which spare parts which break / malfunction on typical AR designs would you suggest inserting inside the compartment ? Or are other items like a compact cleaning kit / break down bore rod more important ?


    1. I've yet to manage to break any of the common breakage parts in any of my ARs. Prolly don't shoot enough.

      I have a spare bolt and firing pin, just in case though.

      Clenzoil, some rags and a bore-snake are what passes for a cleaning kit here most days. I have the stuff to be more thorough, but a quick wipe and lube with the above has been working.

      That and an annual cleaning of everything... that takes a week.

  2. Yeah, what jrg said. What kind of dirty little things do you keep in there?

    1. If we go by what I've stored in other AR's...

      Nothing will be stored in there. I keep meaning to get some more cleaning kits, but I always forget to actually do it.

    2. Hah - I purchased several G.I. cleaning kit pouches over the years. Back when several complete kits could be purchased for $10 - $20 (Such a deal!)

      Where are they now ? Not a clue. Such is my life ...


    3. Thag know your pain. I purchased several buttstock cleaning kits over the years. I know the location of exactly one. The empty pouch for another is in a known location, but no idea where the contents wandered off to.


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