11 June 2021

You Have One Hour

During the day, when The Boy is at school, I had plenty of time to get to the range.

If I had not rebooted the laptop, shutting off the chat app.

If I had noticed that my phone's battery was dead.

I would have realized that Marv would not be able to reach me when he woke up as planned.

I would not have sat down and nodded off while reading a book.

He gave up and went without me at 1pm when we'd planned on 10am.

However, when The Lovely Harvey got home I asked if I could slip out to the range "real quick" to get the A4gery and Brenda the BEBoG carbine zeroed.

"You have one hour!"

Made it!

The A4 is ready for hurricane season and all the 1:7 guns are zeroed for 69gr.

Both fired their zero strings with no problems, so there's no huge problem with either build.  Both ejected in the correct arc.  Both group acceptably for an AR considering my aging eyes and not having a prescription for a cheek weld AND a clear front sight.

Because it was very much an on-the-fly outing, I forgot to call Willard to see if he could meet us there.

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