10 June 2021

Monochrome Monolithic

The Behind Every Blade of Grass has form.

7.5 lb. as pictured with the rather heavy 3/6 rear sight.  The planned Magpul MBUS should drop that to 7.3 lb.


Marv's plan on using the round handguard what came with the PSA upper should leave him at 7.2 lb. and about $35 cheaper.

I am torn between leaving this sight on and going with the MBUS.  Hewing to the maximum affordability line means going budget on the rear sight, not spending extra for a folding sight.

Assembly is pretty much the same as any other lower with the exception of the selector.  You place the trigger in the fire control cavity before installing the selector.  I opted for the special KE Arms selector that can readily be removed.

The buffer retainer is retained by a roll pin instead of the receiver extension (aka buffer tube).

The biggest difference from a normal lower is what you're NOT doing.  You're not doing take-down pins or risking launching their associated detents.  You're not choosing or installing a pistol grip (which is why you have to put the trigger in ahead of the selector).  You're not choosing or installing a stock (see buffer retainer, above).

One gripe is how awkward doing a lot of the parts installation is with the stock already on it.

When the light out back is better, more pics are coming!

Also coming will be our quest for cheap, reliable, and durable optics.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good!

    Fixed rear is a good option while there are no optics on it, more durable and already bought!


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