04 June 2021

WWMD $350

Brownell's has the plastic fantastic KP-15 lower from the WWSD 21 on sale for a mere $100.

If I empty out the parts bin, a mere $350 would get it completed and we could compare the vision of Gun Jeebus and Satanic Gun Liberals with mine.

WWMD is "What Would McThag Do?"

WWSD is "What Would Stoner Do?"

Not quite a full WWMD, but my version of their "civil defense" idea.

Update: Doing some back of the napkins calculations...  A loaded WWMD carbine without optics should tip the scales at 7.2 lb.  FuzzyGeff's otherwise similar but conventionally constructed carbine is 7.8 lb.


  1. I just finished building one of these yesterday. It goes together pretty nicely overall. I used a BA Hanson profile barrel with pinned gas block, Midwest Industries light weight 15" rail, and Aero upper with no forward assist, and in the end opted for the JP buffer thing instead of the conventional one. I have about $1120 all in from scratch including the optic. Would have been under 1k without the JP spring.

    It is VERY light, the mil spec trigger from KE took a tiny bit of de-burr/cleanup a corner with a stone and is very nice.

    The longer hammer pin is worth having, as is their safety. The KE safety is setup so you can push the safety out by overcoming the detent when it is halfway between safe and dangerous.

    My BCM has the KMR magnesium rail and their ELW profile barrel and just iron sights. The KP15 has a large red-dot on it and is still lighter than the BCM gun.

    If you have any questions for somebody who just put one together yesterday and hasn't shot it yet, I'm happy to help.

    1. I think I can bring together a perfectly cromulent trunk gun for under $700 without optics.

      $637.65 if I've added up taxes and shipping correctly.

      Going with a PSA nitride upper and normal handguards saves a lot of money.

      If the $1,700 WWSD is the premium and the $1,200 is the Civil Defense rifle, then mine will the "Behind Every Blade of Grass" version.

    2. Normal handguards will save weight too. Your project can be a real feather-weight if that PSA setup is a pencil barrel!

    3. 16" mid-length gas, "government" profile (skinny under the handguards, heavy from the front sight base to the flash-hider.

  2. Do it. I really like mine. The Faxon 16" barrel w/ integrated birdcage pairs well, if you can find one.

  3. Satanic Gun Liberals? What did I miss?

    1. Karl, the other half of In Range, is a satanist. Thought everyone knew that. Or, if he's NOT a satanist, he's sure hanging around a lot of them in their temple when cameras are clicking.

      His BLM moment of silence paints him as a liberal in my book.

    2. Yup. That moment is the Mark of the FUDD!

      John Cena, that lackwit commie-ass kissing, running dog of a slave to the Chinese Communist Party is one, too.

      Fudds gonna Fudd.

  4. Or, you could do a WWTFFD (What would that fucking Fleetwood do?) carbine. Of course you'd probably have That Guy who, over time, pilfers a part from each bin, sneaks them home, secretly assembles them all, then exclaims "I'll be damned, that's an FN F.A.L.!!"


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