05 June 2021

I Remember

I remember sitting with my Mom watching CNN and them showing the tracer ricochets from the Tienanmen Square massacre.

She didn't know what she was seeing and I said, "those are tracer rounds, there's four bullets between each tracer."

It hit her, then, that the Chinese were murdering their own people.

I'd do a compare/contrast between National Socialist Germany and Communist China... but I don't think there's any contrast.

1 comment:

  1. The only difference between fascist totalitarianism and marxist-socialist-communist totalitarianism in the long run is the order they take away all the average citizens (non core party member) rights, and the rhetoric they use to justify it. Once fully implemented both are just forms of dictatorship, either by a single dictator or a committee of them. Along the way they both will go through the same steps of genocide, oppression and destruction of all individual wealth and property rights. The only other thing that is different is generally the fascist types are actually usually pretty up front about exactly what they are going to do. The far leftists generally make a lot of completely BS promises based on Utopian Marxist propaganda that they usually never even really try to keep, because ultimately Communism just plain doesn't and can't ever work because that whole political theory is based on ridiculous assumptions about human behavior that just don't happen in the real world.


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