01 June 2021

Retention Take Two

I made a new set of cap retainer wires.

It's not perfect, I'm still experimenting.  It can slip right off that screw head if you're not paying attention.


  1. Maybe filing a shallow groove on screw head and inserting a synthetic 'O' ring to retain wire in groove would work ? Good project, I've lost a few covers when I wasn't careful putting them down and not remembering to put them back on before I left. Leaving them there on the bench. Yep, I'm an idjit !!


    1. A tiny o-ring without the groove might even be enough to hold the wire on the screw head... Marv has a bin of o-rings... If it works, there will be a post!

  2. Nice.

    My PA 5x sight is having the exact same problem, what are you using and where did you get it.

    1. It's bog standard lead wire for fishing. You get the wire and some sleeves, make loops where you want them and crush the sleeves to retain the loops. It's dirt simple and just about any place selling fishing stuff will have it (with the possible exception of Wal Mart which seems to never have what I want.


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