30 June 2021

There's A Positive Test For It

A test I will never perform for fear of having my fears confirmed.

I'm always the friend who initiates contact and suggests things to do.

It's vanishingly rare for my friends to contact me and say, "let's do something!"

The test is to stop making contact for a while and see who calls if only to ask, "where have you been?"

I suspect that if I did that I'd find that I didn't have any friends at all.

That's not entirely true, but it's mostly true.  It's a bit depressing, actually.

I've made a couple of tentative experiments, selectively, with other friends.

It's going on years now without them even attempting to contact me.

It's very sobering to think that you're so easy to let out of someone's life.


  1. Welcome to my world... wanna be my friend? Play Cribbage? My philospy now is to go where I am celebrated, not tolerated.

  2. What Cederq said. Go where people like you.

    Fortunately for me, my wife and my dog love me and she is my best friend.

    All those other people that liked me when I was there and not having a shitty life and now are more vaporware than a Jeff Bezos spaceship? Eh, fornicate them.

  3. Actually, thanks for the reminder/wake up call. I must be a better best friend to my best friend.


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