16 June 2021

Pet Emergency

In happier times!


The Bear, our lovely black kitty has come down with a urinary blockage.

Tonight's bill is $1,500.  That gets him to the point of taking him to our normal vet at 0745 Tuesday morning.

No idea how much the regular vet is going to ask to finish what the emergency vet started, so we'd really appreciate it if y'all would hit that donation button over there on the right.

Update: The Bear has been moved from the emergency care clinic to our more normal vet.  His bloody urine cleared up faster than feared, so he might be going forward on special food and be fine.  Apparently the blockage was from a protein accumulation, which from what the intertubes say, is the easiest urinary thing to deal with in a cat.


  1. It is only easy to deal with if there is an emergency vet nearby. Otherwise, it is painful death. Ask me how I know this.

    1. I think I can figure out how you know that.

      We've got a good e-vet around here.

      But the "easy" I was talking about is that the preventatives are simplest for the form of blockage The Bear had.

      The regular vet says special food for 3-6 months and if no reoccurance then we can do the over the counter urinary tract food for him. The other two are getting changed over to the over the counter tomorrow.

    2. I hope Bear's health issues are resolved soon. Our family also serve two indoor cats and their loss would be major heartbreak. It sounds like you have the situation well in hand though. Here is a chin scratch for Bear - feel better. <*>.



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