13 June 2021

Two Strikes Against It

Mr Fleetwood will not like the BEBoG carbines.

He's strongly opposed to the AR-15 in most of its forms and seems to have a dislike for plastic guns.

Doesn't stop him from owning them, he just feels dirty from it.

Despite this...

Something that I need to say about the KP-15 lower is that it's very comfortable.

I happen to like fixed stocks on ARs and the KP-15 is a very fixed stock.

1 comment:

  1. But, but, what if you're wearing your EDC megadeath level body armour and complete MOP gear when you parachute into denied territory? How will you use your variable power, thermal imaging, starlight, night vision, red and green dot, radar controlled, wire guided sighting array without a slippy slidey stockey? Your genuine hand made Molodvian camoflauge uniform and Israeli titanium fiber helmet will only take you so far you know.


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