29 June 2021

I'm Your Zero

Took Valentine out to the range to do the first shooting with the ACOG.

Started at 25m and worked my way out to 100 yards.

I'm out of practice.

I sent an email to Trijicon asking about the born-on date and if they would put new Tritium in it when it finally fades away.

They said:

Good morning Angus,

Thank you for your patronage of Trijicon products. The serial number you have provided references to a TA31 RCO M150 4x32 ACOG. Manufactured December 1ST 2011. Sold to the US Government. These surplus ACOG are not covered under our warranty. At any time, you can send in products for parts replacements including illumination, adjustment, Lenses etc. This must be done in the factory. It will cost roughly $180-300 to have the illumination redone.

Others have indicated that spending the money on service also puts it back into warranty for the second owner.

Marv was able to get his FACOG zeroed at 100 yards as well.  Shot a smaller group than me too (asshole). :)

Considering how small our 25m groups are, I think we've just picked up bad habits from shooting rifles at pistol ranges.  We're setting ourselves to extending our range.

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