28 June 2021

That Was Certainly Fast

The ACOG that Mr Fleetwood generously paid for has arrived!

At 14.8 oz. it's substantially lighter than the Primary Arms PAC5X's 18.2 oz.  Much wider field of view, though slightly less magnified.


The illumination is shockingly bright.  The tritium is still hanging in there, but very dim.  The TM says that your eyes should be dark adjusted before using it, so I think that dim is intentional.

Killflash and front flippy covers on order from B&H Photography.  LT100 mount after the 1st when the VA dumps into my account.


  1. A more precise formulation;"Mr. Fleetwoods ACOG has arrived. His team of experts are examining and testing it as we speak. Don't worry, they are top men. Top. Men."

    1. Yes, Mr Fleetwood. We have your ACOG... someplace. I'm sure we'll find it.



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