21 June 2021

Let There Be Light

I have a gut feeling that the seller is listing stuff in the DX bin at Ft Hood on Ebay.

Our loss, our gain!  $45 shipped.

SureFire M951 with tail switch.

The switch mount was made from modifying a Magpul MOE switch mount that came with the light kits I'd bought to get the MOE cantilever rails.  They don't include this stuff now that MLOK has taken over... but they also don't charge extra for it when all you want is the cantilever rail and not an extra 5-slot and two tape switch holders.

The LED conversion bulb I got from Amazon doesn't quite fit into the reflector housing.  Ever so slighly too big a diameter.

1 comment:

  1. more of a pistol light fan even for my ar...the lights like that and the streamlight pro are blinding if you are clearing a structure indoors...the pistol light, unless it's something brand new like the 1000 lumen x300 or o-light Valkyrie with 1200 lumen, are just right for bouncing off white walls...outside only, the longer lights are def worth it... panzer guy...


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