12 June 2021

What The World Needs Now

The urge to get the KP-15 didn't start with the WWSD 2020.

It happened when I became aware of GWACS when InRange did the original WWSD series.

I'd known about the Cav Arms lower for a while before InRange made them popular.  I'd considered it, but figured that if that the stock/grip configuration didn't suit me, I'd be angry until I sold or broke it.

The siren call of getting one in zombie green was nigh unresistable.

I made an account at GWACS.  Signed up for the veteran's discount...

And did nothing with it.

Then they were out of stock and apparently out of business.

The KP-15 reopened my imagination.

Brownell's having a sale on blems fueled that imagination.

Now I have another AR.

I needed that like I needed another hole in my head.

The good news is that I am finally at the end of all this AR project shit!

I've made the clones that I want and a couple others.

And I am done.

Now we obsess over optics and the neglected Tantal clone!

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