19 June 2021

How Is It That I'm The First To Publish?

In several reviews of the Strikefire II they've complained about the need for a "coin or something" to make windage and elevation adjustments.

Am I the first one to notice this feature?

If you flip the cap upside down the bar molded into the top is the "or something" you can use to adjust the windage or elevation!

Actually, I know I'm not the first to notice this because Marv noticed it on the SPARC AR which presently resides on FuzzyGeff's carbine.

I am just astonished that we appear to be the only people who've noticed this.

I might be the first reviewer to publish it!

Go figure.


  1. If you look at the SIG Romeo offerings they use the same style of cap. And they fit well making it easy to adjust.

  2. Items hidden in plain sight. I'm surprised the sight's instructions make no mention of this feature.


  3. Should be a "duh" moment for some of those other so-called "gun writers". :-D


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