03 June 2021

Well That Explains That

Who here remembers Paxton Quigley?  She wrote a book, Armed and Female, she was and is a staunch advocate of a woman's right to own a handgun and to carry it for self-defense.

As long as that woman doesn't own one that can be construed to be an "assault weapon" or order ammo online.  "Quigley says she believes assault weapons should be banned and that ammunition should not be sold online."

I'd wondered why she'd disappeared from pro-gun conversation.

Being a gun owner but... will do that.

The funny thing about it, in the early 80's being pro-gun and anti-black-rifle wasn't a controversial position.

Makes me wonder if, in 30 years, if the position that gets you disappeared from the pro-gun world is, "I'm all for constitutional carry, as long as it's concealed carry."

I dimly recall her having a column in one of the gun magazines where she went full conspiracy theory and wasn't in the next issue.  Or is that someone else?


  1. I remember her as having a nice tight little ass, and considering 38 S&W to be the equal of 38 Spl.. Which probably tells you more about me than about her.

  2. I've still got her book, and it's still good.


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