23 June 2021

All About Looks

Marv ordered an Airsoft clone of a Trijicon ACOG TA-31 RCO.

We tossed it on my M16A4 clone just to have a photo of it looking 100%.

The Chinese maker is remarkably accurate about the markings:  If by accurate you mean completely wrong...

Marv didn't get the "correct" chevron reticule, but I have to admit it's plenty bright in indirect light where I'm taking pictures.

It seems to be very well made, and Marv found several videos where folks took them apart and marveled at the top-notch construction.

For $66 shipped from China, it's as close to an ACOG as you're going to get without getting a real one, I think.


  1. Can you tell us where it was found? Interested in getting one...

    1. Just search eBay for ACOG and you'll find several sellers.


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