19 June 2021

BEBoG Optic

The Vortex Strikefire II is an "affordable" red-dot sight.  I put that in quotes because there are many sights which are MUCH cheaper.  MSRP is $274.99, street price is $199.99 and I found this one locally for $125 and snagged the last one.  I'm glad I was trying to find a cantilever MLOK light mount now!  Again, thanks to the Apparatchik at the VA who finally refunded the money I'd been paying for my meds.

With the included cantilever mount it tares at 13.1 oz.  0.8 lb. in GURPS terms.

Controls are simple, just an up and down button:

There are 11 brightness settings, the lowest two are stated to be for night vision in the manual.  My Aimpoint M4S says the same thing.  I don't have any night vision to check this with.

The up button is also the power-off button.  Press and hold until no-dot-mode is activated.

Speaking of that dot.

It's supposed to be larger than the Aimpoint, but I can't see the difference.

Astigmatism and red-dot size comparisons are mutually exclusive.

Now, why would you buy a Chinese made scope from an American company?

Mainly because Vortex REALLY stands behind their product.  They don't even ask how it got broke if you break one, they simply replace it.  They've been known to upgrade to a newer, better model if the broken one is out of production.  That's worth it in my book.

By comparison, Primary Arms' equivalent is $129.99 MSRP, but doesn't include a mount.  It's a very affordable $24.99 MSRP bringing the equivalent package to $154.98.  Primary Arms is also an American company selling Chinese manufactured optics.  But they don't offer near the warranty that Vortex does (but Amazon's ad for it does say limited lifetime).  The reason I'm skeptical of Primary Arms "lifetime" warranty is they don't even have the rubber tethers for the turret caps.  I'm looking at pictures of the current production 5x stuff and they sure seem to be using the same size rubber bikini tether.

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