29 June 2021

Haven't Done That In Years


The ACOG came with this handy carry pouch and a paper copy of the TM.  Stuffed into the TM was the Change 1 for it.

Almost reflexively, I pulled the staple and replaced the affected pages with the one from the change.

I haven't updated a TM for thirty years...

What were the changes?  Mostly boilerplate about tritium.


  1. Someday when I have a scanner again, I can do this lovely book I got at a thrift shop - it's a compendium of US Army manuals, booklets and assorted other papers from the late 1930s-to-mid-1940s, mainly infantry stuff. (Has the owners name and rank, even.)

    Back In Tha Day, they would get the change letter, and update the manuals.

    By carefully cutting out the new text, and rubber-cementing into place on the page.

    Sometimes stacking multiple updates.

    That's gonna be fun to scan, because I *will* start with the original text, and add in a supplementary page with each update. (they're all cemented in so the additions can be flipped up to refer back to the earlier versions.)

    Did I mention that this thing (with a really neat period (commercial) "bind it yourself" system) is close to three inches thick?

  2. I understand that. I really do


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