12 June 2021

Adapt And Overcome!

My idea go with Marv and our dentist to the track in Bradenton was thwarted by The Boy being very nervous about me not being here at his bed time.

This feeling of unease was increased when a symbol of me fell from its shelf.  The Lovely Harvey is religious and such events have meaning in her Native American beliefs.

So it was decided that I would not be going to Bradenton.

But the auguries for hitting the pistol range were positive.

Finally tricked my fingers into holding the Shield Plus in such a manner as to have the bullet go where the sights were pointed and also noticed that it shoots through the front sight dot.  So obscure where you want the bullet to land with the front sight.  Got it!

The 45C woke up considerably with the Apex trigger and spring kit.  .45 might be for AARP members, but if I can land hits with .45 more consistency, then it's a better round than 9mm.

I can't even commit to that line of reasoning too hard.  I hit minute of badguy vitals without a problem with a 9mm.

Where I think the .45C will really shine is on bowling pins.  Heavy bullets really knock them things down.

Now I need to test fire the No-Longer-Quite-A-Sigma, and Model 59.  I've got two AR's that need zeroed thanks to swapping barrels around.

Gee, darn, more excuses to go to the range!

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