05 June 2021

How You Gonna Aim That Thing?

Something I noticed about the $1,699.99 WWSD and $1,249.95 CDR.

Not a single thing to aim them.

From Ian and Karl's videos, that's another $330 to $1,800 for some glass on top.

With no optics, Marv's "Behind Every Blade" carbine will come to $585.91, shipped and NICS'd.  Complete with iron sights!

We're back to asking the age old question of value and does the extra cash buy extra capability commensurate with the expenditure?

It's in the same vein as the Primary Arms 5x prism sight vs a Trijicon ACOG.  Is the ACOG really 4x plus times better than the PA?

I think we're looking at perfect being the mortal foe of good-enough again.

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