02 June 2021

The Cool Kids

I am not one of the Cool Kids.

I don't get invitations to blogger meet ups.

I don't get corporations offering me free product (most of the time).

I don't get paid to blog, but appreciate your generous contributions.

For a while I was friendly with some of the cool kids and they were friendly back.

But like all cliques, if you disagree with Heather, you're out.

That spared me from having to pretend that a truly reprehensible piece of shit wasn't such a splat of fecal matter.

Heather is besties with that POS.

The POS shit on a friend of mine and came here to shit on me for not letting them memory hole the shitting.

And you wanna know something?

I'm happy being a tiny little fish.

I'm never going to be no paid gunwriter, but I think that's a good thing.

Ever notice that gunwriters all morph into the same person after a very short period of time?

It's sad watching one of us become one of them, but... c'est la vie.  No?


  1. Eh, it could be worse. I don't even bother trying to blog because I have no illusions that anyone would care to read anything I have to say anyway.

    1. I write for myself, mostly. That there are a few hundred people who stop by everyday to read it is a bonus!

    2. I understand that. If I blogged it would probably be only for myself since I can't imagine even a few people reading more than occasionally if at all. Probably only the be found by a search engine then forgotten kind of thing.

  2. SoftwareJanitor:

    If you started blogging, I’d say there’s about a 95% chance you’d end up on my blog roll and become a regular stop.

    Especially since, as I recall, you live in Austin, and I think you and I used to hang out at the same (defunct) gun shop.

    ==Dwight Brown


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