13 June 2021

Freedom Problems

Yesterday firing the Sheild Plus and the 45C I noticed that I'd started using a lolly-pop hold.  (I think the Instructorati call it a 6 o'clock hold).

This makes the two S&W's I was shooting shoot low.

If you put the center of the dot on the front sight over the target, though, it hits right there.

This is how I'd originally thought 3-dot sights should work but...

Most of my shooting has been with vintage pistols the past year and they shoot to the lolly-pop.

I'm not sure I have a moral position on which is better, I just need to remember which guns shoot what way.

In other good news, I appear to have finally beaten the twitch to the left with striker fired guns!

I wasted enough lead to make an America's Cup keel figuring that one out.

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