18 June 2021

That Had To Be Hard To Write

The LA Times admits that Benitez's ruling is probably going to stand.

One quote stands out, "Newsom contends that the AR-15 is “nothing more than a weapon of war.”"

Let's go there, Gavin!

I direct you to Miller v US where the case was remanded back to the lower court because nobody could show that a sawed-off shotgun was a weapon of war.

If Miller had been busted for having a BAR, the entire NFA would have been gutted like a trout in 1939.

So, pull at that thread, Gavin; the only thing that's kept it from being reaffirmed is the court's ignoring the 2nd Amendment and a flat refusal to incorporated it under the 14th.

Cue Bob Dylan...

The times, they are a changin'.

Thanks! Cocaine Mitch! because the 9th Circuit, today, doesn't look like it did thirty years ago.


  1. I never read the local birdcage wrapper, but I'm guessing that someone was being moved to the obit section, or retiring for good, and this was his going away present to the Slimes editorial board.

    FWIW, I'm still not tired of winning yet.
    Next up: the "capricious and arbitrary" Pistol Roster.
    Then the jackassical ammo registration scheme.

    If we'd gotten two more judges onto the Ninth Circus, we could have flipped the entire Western US back into Free America, outright, for the next 20 years.

  2. Two questions for the "AR-15 is a weapon of war" folks. First, what military uses one? Second: what thing that can be used as a weapon hasn't been used in a war when need be?

  3. I would like soon-to-be-ousted "Governor" Newsom to show me any military in the world that uses the sort of AR-15 that is sold in the civilian market in the US. Civilian AR-15s. unlike the M-16 family of rifles, are not fully-automatic or easily converted to fully-automatic.


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