06 June 2021

D+ 28,122

Seventy seven years ago, the greatest generation began its assault on Fortress Europe.

They lost more men in a day than have been lost in the entire war on terror.


  1. and sadly almost all of the greatest generation ever are gone...they did what they did for commies to take over our country...sad

    pk guy...

    1. Sadly I fear you may be right. It often appears that a lot seem to be willing to lead us back down the same road that made D Day necessary. Only this time it looks like it will be Marxism-Socialism-Communism more than Fascism that will be the problem.

      Another thing it seems like a lot of people don't understand is that part of the reasons that the National Socialists were able to gain power in Germany was in a great part due to the actions of Communists. Fear of western Europe falling to the fate of Russia convinced a lot of people that Fascism was the lesser evil. So even though neo-Nazis and others of their ilk are tiny, insignificant numbers now, despite the lies from the leftist media and the current regime in the White House, it is still possible that a great backlash against the excesses of terrorist organizations like Antifa may eventually fuel a significant uprising. Breakdown of basic law and order can motivate people in the middle part of the middle class at some point to where they get mad enough they won't take it anymore.

      I hope that the people who will be of draft age when all hell breaks loose will be up to the same challenge that the Greatest Generation stood up against, but I am not all that optimistic given that so many of them seem to be indoctrinated by leftist nonsense. Each generation since the Greatest it seems like a little more. It seems like the danger is from within.

  2. Some of us will not forget. They paid for over 75 years without another world war with their lives.


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