04 June 2021

Shipping Days

Two-Day Shipping is increasingly becoming the amount of time that it's moving betwixt the source and destination rather than the time between order and arrival.

Brownell's and Midway in particular are printing the label then spending days sitting on the parcel before actually giving it to the shipper.

I wouldn't complain, but it used to be if you ordered in the morning, the label would be printed by noon and the parcel would be in the hands of the shipper that evening.


  1. I've heard that a few things are going on... first is that orders of gun related parts are at near record levels, especially anything related to ARs and 80% anything. With the looming spectre of bans, people are buying everything up. Second, retailers are having a tough time maintaining enough staffing to operate. A combination of factors are happening, mostly covid, lockdown and unemployment/welfare related are making that happen. Some people are choosing not to work because they are afraid of getting covid. Others because they can get as much or more sitting at home working. And still others would like to work, but can't get daycare or other issues related to the earlier mentioned items. Some people are even having trouble getting to work because of things like difficulty getting parts and service for cars. It is all a real mess.

    I've also heard that in some cases packages are waiting in the shipping departments to be picked up because the shippers are bogged down. They've got staffing problems too, and since online selling has picked up so much due to covid, they're struggling to keep up. FedEx, UPS and Amazon around here have taken up so many rental trucks to try to keep going that other people are complaining they can't get one.

  2. I don't know, but it's probably more a shipping company problem then a retailer one.

  3. Correct - there are approximately 15,000 truck driving openings for long and short haul at the moment. Carriers are allowing a day or two more to accumulate before assigning one of their limited drivers. This is causing a domino effect throughout the entire supply chain. This comes from the trucking industry reports. It will improve but look at all costs to go up, fuel prices are still climbing due to idiotic government policies and actions to appease special interest groups.

  4. It's all well and good to pin it on the shipper, but once things start moving, they move normally.

    It's the 3-7 days of it sitting at the point of origin with the shipper showing "label printed, awaiting item" that pisses me off.


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